AccuRadiant® | In-Floor Heating Topping


Have cold ceramic, tile and marble floors begging to be walked on barefoot? AccuRadiant®, a pourable thermal underlayment, provides a smooth finish on top and even heat distribution throughout. AccuRadiant® is the perfect topping for your in-floor heating needs regardless of your size of project, whether residential or commercial. 

Evenly distribute hydronic or electric heat with AccuRadiant®, a gypsum topping great for all types of floor coverings – such as tile, ceramic, and marble – that provides even heat distribution while protecting your heating system from damage.

  • is designed specifically for radiant floor heating systems
  • can be poured over hot water tubes or electric heating cables or mats
  • is more comfortable, due to its lightweight, thin thermal mass which improves heating response time
  • is non-combustible gypsum underlayment, specifically formulated to resist breakdown
  • adds to the acoustical performance of your home
  • stiffens the floor and eliminates squeaky floors and nail pops
  • seals perimeter walls, reducing baseboard drafts and air leaks