At Top Floor Coating we specialize in gypsum floor underlayments, similar to gypcrete, provided for all forms of subfloors. Our finished product leaves you with a fine, flush surface capable of installing numerous forms of flooring. With a fast setting time, our product allows your other trade activities to continue within hours, allowing you to finish your project in a timely manner. We tailor our services to fit your needs whether you are looking for a solution for your radiant floor heating needs, acoustical problems (noise reduction or enhanced acoustical performance), or if you just need an optimal level surface to work with.

Concrete Restoration

With our experienced team, we are able to help you with your concrete restoration needs, including floor repairs and levelling. Our quality workmanship allows you to sustain and prolong your existing flooring, thereby creating an enduring stable surface for years to come.

Gypsum Concrete – Gypcrete

Gypsum concrete, also known as gypcrete, is a light-weight and fire resistant form of concrete that is commonly used in floor underlayments. It is often used in construction projects that involve sound control such as noise reduction or enhanced acoustical performance, radiant heating, as well as floor leveling. AccuCrete® is a light weight gypsum concrete that poses many additional benefits over its competitors which makes it the ideal product for use in floor underlayments. For instance, it requires less water, which significantly reduces the amount of condensation at the job site. This is particularly ideal for projects on a strict timeline, as the reduced condensation allows quicker access of the job site to other trades, allowing the construction project to be completed in a timely manner. AccuCrete® is also beneficial in terms of compressive strength; while AccuCrete® is still a light-weight gypsum based cement, it provides more compressive strength than its competitors. All of these significant benefits make AccuCrete® the optimal product in gypsum floor underlayments, and help our team to ensure our customers' satisfaction.